Record Review: Shotgun Jimmie – “Still Jimmie”

Sackville, NB’s very own Shotgun Jimmie, aka Jim Kilpatrick  has completely flipped the script on his second solo outing, Still Jimmie. Where his debut The Onlys, was  a bedroom affair almost entirely perpetrated by Jimmie himself, here the former Shotgun and Jaybird member has enlisted the help of Welland, ON’s Attack in Black. The result is a beautifully lo-fi rock record full of hooks and energy.

Opener “Mind Crumb” sets the ramshackle tone; while the rhythm section maintains the tight pace, the guitars are fast and loose with a disjointed solo that perfectly matches Kilpatrick’s off-kilter lyrics. He later references Deloreans on the slower paced “Used Parts,” and enlists $100’s Simone Fornow to split vocal duties with him on “Quicksand.”

Kilpatrick’s best live shows always have a sense of organized chaos with Shotgun Jimmie playing the role of slightly unhinged frontman; Still Jimmie captures this essence with an ease that makes this a record a true highlight. – Ian Gormely

“Mind Crumb”

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