Record Review: Mahogany Public – “JALI: Vol. 1”

To truly absorb all that Mahogany Public‘s newest album, JALI: Vol. 1, has to offer, one must use all five of their sense.  The colourful, passionate, powerful and creative lyrics require the person who is listening, to close their eyes and let their imagination flow with the rhythm of music.

This group is a collection of souls, both men and women, sharing the history and present day struggles of  women, working people, lovers, and people with hope for a more just and united world.  Although they hail from different places, the members of Mahogany Public came together in Edmonton, Alberta.  Fusing their individual talents, they create a musical style of reggae, jazz, hip-hop, rocksteady, and Afrorythmic influences.

Every song on the album has a theme of empowerment mixed with  joy and frustration.  Mohagany Public says it the way it is, speaking the truth, and losing all inhibitions in order to speak the minds of many people who have either tried and been silenced,or are too scared to speak up for what they know is right. The  profound and thoughtful spoken-word elements  send chills down the spine with each listen.

Two of the record’s most thoughtprovoking and moving tracks are “King” and “Reggae Is.” This music is highly enlightened and has the potential to enlighten others.  It deserves both open ears and an open mind because it clearly  opens hearts. – Samra Ann Cassar

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