Record Review: Nomadic Massive – “Nomadic Massive”

This hip-hop “super-group,” hailing from Montreal, is a 9-member international (Algeria, Argentina, Chile, France, & Haiti) and multilingual crew. They really hit that ‘multilingual’ part home incorporating 2-3 languages into pretty much every song, as well as a bit of patois thrown in for good measure (no Jamaicans in the group). The amalgamation of cultures adds an interesting texture.

But Nomadic Massive sounds like a Canadian hip-hop album, which 9 times out of 10 isn’t a good thing and, unfortunately, this record sticks to the rule. The production quality is fine but the actual product does nothing for me. Lyrically it’s run-of-the-mill (at least the parts that I understand). Dare I say this might as well be background music for one of our crappy TV shows? Consider it said. – Candice B.

“Moving Forward”

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  1. Kevin said:

    I saw Nomadic Massive perform in Montreal. The lead singer gave me a free copy of the record after putting on a very high energy show with real instruments and no DJ. It’s rare to find any hip hop group, ethnic or not, that is made up of people who can actually play a musical instrument in tune, in time and with passion. the band is a live band and is meant to be experienced live.

    that being said, producing hip hop records is relatively straight forward, especially in Canada where no one is willing to take risks and invest in growing an act over time and making their studio product something that stands out in a sea of mediocrity.


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