A Tale of 2 Opinions: Wassabi Collective’s “Get It”

Wasabi Collective can’t be described in simple terms; the best way to understand the band’s harmonies is to listen.  Their fourth release, Get It, continues the band’s musical fusion from rock and pop to jazz and funk. All the tunes have an element of more than one sound and an original magic that can’t be compared to any other band.

The cd is full of inspirational vibrations and lyrics that can’t help but put you in a fantastic mood, and before you know it you’re  happily head boppin’ and singing along. I promise that after you lend an ear, you will be a fan of Wassabi Collective. – Nicole Rubacha


Get It is the fourth album by Wassabi Collective, a punk-pop group based in Nelson, British Columbia. The group is fronted by lead vocalist Melissa Meretsky, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hongisto, drummer Jimmy Lewis, keyboardist Rahj Levinson, and bassist Andrew McCormack. They continue to stay true to their punk pop sound while infusing reggae influences heard in songs like “Summer Drummer.”

The overall sound  is rather mellow,  perfect when you don’t want to listen to something heavy. However, I feel that the true essence of this album can only be conveyed in a live performance. The songs from Get It will provide a memorable show, but will be skipped on my iPod. – Samantha Musah

Wassabi Collective play the Hideout in Toronto, ON on May 29th.

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