Record Review: Metz – “EP 2”

Few Toronto bands have made as big a splash with so little material as Metz. The local trio have just two 7-inches to their name (conveniently titled EP 1 and EP 2) and they’ve already got the city foaming at the mouth for more.

EP 2 finds the group filtering their noise into more tuneful directions, cleaning up the sound ever so slightly to reveal the intricacies of their sound. Melvins sludge-rock barrage and the Jesus Lizard’s caustic sonics are obvious points of reference for the group, but a more broad range of influences are on display: the single note guitar line that opens standout “Dry Up” sounds like the main riff from Tool’s “Sober.” Metz have obviously taken a page from that band’s playbook of complex arrangements, something bass-player Chris Slorach has no problem anchoring after playing with Moneen back when they were at their mathiest.

The vocals remain buried underneath it all so who knows what they’re screaming about, but that’s not the point; this band will restore your faith in loud, noisy guitar rock. We can only hope more’s on the way, and soon. -Ian Gormely

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