Record Review: Slam Dunk – “Slam Dunk”

You could subtitle this record, 7-inch in a paper bag, cause that’s literally what it is. But the DIY packaging suits the band’s scrappy image. This Victoria four-piece includes current Immaculate Machine member Caitlin Gallupe, but sounds nothing like her other band. Slam Dunk mix the garage rock swagger of bands like Black Lips and the Strange Boys with a sense of scrappy fun on these three tracks.

“Feral Cub” is an absolute standout with it’s balls to the wall speed and “whoa-o-oa” back-up vocals. Meanwhile, “Only Fun” has a nice bounce to it and the gang vocals in the chorus are a great touch. B-side “Bearcub” stands in stark contrast to the A-side tunes; it starts off as a much slower number, taking it’s time to build up to the inevitable climax, but it shows that this band has more than one gear; hopefully they’ll experiment more like this in the future.

It should be noted that the 7-inch includes a download code that will give you mp3s of all three tracks plus an additional five that aren’t included on the record. As an initial offering from a young band, it doesn’t get much better than this. – Ian Gormely

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