Record Reveiw: Relic – “The Green Light”

There are two routes that an artist can take; the first  heads towards truth and is more a way and less of a distinct path.  The second route is the one  everyone else seems to be blindly walking down.
Hailing from Toronto, Relic is bursting with originality and on The Green Light, his newest musical work, he sings from the heart and from the experience of walking down that less defined and more honest road.  Rapping with passion and soul, Relic delivers lines non-apologetically and confidently, fusing hiphop, RnB, and jazz, all lead by a strong drum beat.  Every word spoken is part of some grand poetic tale that gives a voice to the voiceless so that those pretending to be deaf, can hear.  Relic’s lyrics are simultaneously spontaneous-sounding and remarkably thought-out.  The talent manifest on The Green Light seems to subtely mock mainstream rap/hiphop because of its artisitc integrity and pure creativity.  Relic’s mucis is a force, at times overwhelmingly powerful, making one glad to have not only one, but two ears to absorb all that he has to share with the world.
This album features other artists such as Saukrates, Shad, Omslaw, Brotha Soul, and Kam Moye, and each song on it deserves one’s full attention.  The two most memorable songs on the album are ‘Stronger’ and ‘Count Your Blessings.’  Relic is also a producer, MC, DJ, and engineer.  Relic is only beginning, but I imagine that his talent and conviction in what he has to say will carry him for a long time comming. –  Samra Ann Cassar

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