Record Review: Crystal Castles – “Crystal Castles (2010)”

Toronto via She-Ra’s sky fortress band Crystal Castles’ success can be best described as a happy-accident, a term that can also be used to describe the hot-mess yet goodness that is their music.

The duo composed of Ethan Kath (DJ/synth manipulator extraordinaire) and Alice Glass (vocalist/perfect amount of the crazy) make lo-fi electro tunes that has grabbed the attention of the cardigan-clad and emo hair-type alike.

Their debut album, also creatively called Crystal Castles,  had songs like “Crimewave,” “Alice Practice,” and “Courtship Dating” (which sounds suspiciously like the Timbaland produced “Ayo Technology,” in my humble opinion), that won them an almost instant European audience who are known for their love of typical dance music, which CC definetly is not.

The new album sounds like a continuation of the old, which isn’t a bad thing. This time around, the star track is “Year of Silence,” a song with a Sigur Ros sample. The dark, ominous, sky behind that star is “I Am Made of Chalk.” To describe why I like or don’t like either of these songs is kinda difficult. Seeing how their music follows no real predictable pattern, no true musical format, its hard to qualify why one CC song is better than another. Simply put, I like “Year of Silence” because I do. I don’t like “I Am Made of Chalk” because I don’t. Unlike when judging humans, judging music should be that simple. – Candice B.

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  1. Jake said:

    Timbaland ripped off the 2006 track “Courtship Dating” for his 2007 track “Ayo Technology”. The band is quoted on MTV as saying they don’t care.

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