Record Review: Tenth Planet – “Everything is Never Over”

Take Metallica’s “The Unforgiven” and inject it with adrenaline and you have Toronto’s own Tenth Planet. Their sound can be compared to legends such as U2, Black Sabbath, Finger Eleven and the Tea Party. They stay faithful to their influences and provide sonorous vocals.

Singer Martin Oullett, guitarist Brian Paul, drummer Mauro Scatozza and bassist Johnny Pegg’s previous EP, The Prophet Curse, lured The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin and produced a critical success in 2005.  Everything Is Never Over echoes their previous album but is a harder and heavier animal.

Though they frequently retread successful formulas of before they don’t sound spoiled in musical resources. They artfully revamp images and song-structures that can be easily enjoyable in a large venue. The songs deserve repeated listening for its familiarity and sorrowful vocals. Though they are a mixing pot of established bands, their sound still fits the vibe of a stroll around the night streets of Toronto. – Brian Avendano

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