Record Review: The Stance – “I Left Love a Long Time Ago”

Halifax’s the Stance follow the adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. There is nothing incredibly original on their debut LP I left Love a Long Time Ago, released on local label Just Friends Records, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most fun and energetic records that’ll come out this year. Focusing on hooks rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, the Stance walk the line between the punk bite of early Clash records and the brash drunken swagger of the Faces, with dashes of Motown and 90’s Halifax alt-rock thrown in for good measure.

Highlights include the spastic “Jenny Jitters,” the garage stomper “Strung Up,” and the soulful mid tempo rocker “Yours and Mine.”  It’s hard not to find yourself tapping your foot to the band’s hyper rock tunes, or singing along with Mark MacAulay’s howl as he regales you with tails of young love and jet fighters.

Produced by bassist Jeff Ledbetter, the band keep the record simple, with flourishes of piano, organ, and bongos filling out the record’s sound while leaving a layer of grittiness intact. I left Love a Long Time Ago won’t reinvent rock, and  it doesn’t aim to; it’s just content to remind us how much fun it can be. – Tom Gertner

“Yellow Fever”

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