Record Review: Sleigh Bells – “Treats

There’s really only one suitable way to listen to  Sleigh Bells debut, Treats; disruptively loud, as this is music that hits hard with 808’s and guitar riffs. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a pair of pom-poms handy as their catchy chants and stomping beats will bring out your inner cheerleader.

Sleigh Bells is a duo based in Brooklyn that consists of Derek E. Miller (songwriter/guitarist/producer) and Alexis Krauss (vocals). Krauss has a very sweet voice that innocently glazes over the brashness of Miller’s guitar dominating instrumentals. The opposition in each member’s approach compliments the other giving the best of both words: Miller’s danceable beats partnered with Krauss’s sing along hooks.

There’s nothing significant to their lyrics and quite frankly there doesn’t need to be. The bands message is conveyed through their musical vibe. Sleigh Bells demonstrate that being shamelessly bold can be exciting and fun. The album is consistent with these qualities in every track like the destined club banger “Kids”. It has a demanding beat that begs for a verse from any solid spitting MC. Treats is an unstoppable album that marks the beginning for a band sculpting a unique brand of pop. – Illyssa Edwards

“Rill Rill” (Fan Vid)

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