Record Review: Sweet Thing – “Sweet Thing”

Rhythm, beats and energetic vocals are only a few of the essential elements found on Sweet Thing’s catchy debut album. Don’t be fooled, these guys aren’t your typical bubblegum pop band that your little sister grew up listening to. In fact, they’re probably quite the opposite. Mature, fun, stylish and original, these hipsters will make you wish you had invested in a pair of dance shoes.

With so many copycat bands out there, it’s not easy to find anything unique these days. Sweet Thing’s first full-length album is far from a clichéd imitation. Their first single “Change of Seasons” includes the sounds of egg shakers, tambourines and fun-loving vocal harmonies. The tracks continue, with memorable rock driven tunes like “Gun” and “Dance Mother.”  The band also expresses a creative, story-telling side with “Spider,” a song that portrays a crawling insect inside the brain of an emotionally disturbed man, while “Lorraine” is your 50’s style pop song with an unexpected jazz-infused bridge.

The members of Sweet Thing are true musicians as well as performers, and that’s what makes them remarkable. Seeing this band on stage is electrifying. Their live performances are not only entertaining, but also theatrical and unforgettable. The energy is injected right into your veins, making the songs sound that much better. -Melanie Cheah

“Dance Mother”

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