Record Review: Jadea Kelly – “Eastbound Platform

Eastbound Platform is the second album of the alternative-country singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly. The album was composed during a time when she was commuting between Whitby and Toronto daily to work three jobs and the result of this artist’s hard work is a warm sounding album with heartbreaking lyrics and intimate guitar riffs.

Kelly’s song-writing is focused on story-telling; besides her sweet sounding voice and inviting country rhythms, this singer tells a story in each of her songs. Whether she sings about waiting to be rescued, in the Dudley Do-Right inspired opening track, “Never Coming Back,” or about the pain of heartbreak in “Lay My Body Down,” Jadea Kelly seems to have found her perfect medium for story-telling. And, most significantly, she tells her stories in a purely Canadian way, combining the quietness of the Canadian small city with bold big-city dreams.

As one of Canada’s most talented upcoming indie singers-songwriters,  Kelly is surely one to keep our eyes on. Although not her first released album, Eastbound Platform, with its sublime vocals, delicate guitar chords, and inspired lyrics, is the album that leaves Jadea Kelly’s mark on Toronto’s indie music scene. – Alina Vrabie

“Lay My Body Down”

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