Record Review: Art of Fresh – “When the Night Comes In”

Art of Fresh is MC D.O. (best known for setting a Guinness World Record by freestyle rapping for over 8 hours and 45 minutes) and producer Slakah The Beatchild (a Juno award-winner for contributing to Divine Brown’s 2008 Love Chronicles). Currently based in Toronto the two met in Sarnia, growing up in different eras of hip-hop, as showcased on their own solo-records. Together, their songs mix beats from Spanish, Electro, Pop, and Rap music; it’s like listening to different music with the same style of lyrics.

Music needs to do this more often to encourage people from other cultures or from another race to listen. Sometimes people don’t listen to hip-hop because of the aggressive beats and lyrics – they just can’t take it. – Juan Torres


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