Record Review: Sade – “Soldier of Love”

Sade who is best known for her mellow, sexy and soft voice has released yet another wonderful album called Soldier of Love, her first album released since 2000. For ten years while she was away, there were speculations that she may have retired but Sade has since dismissed those rumours and stated that she needed to reinvent herself.

The reinvention has worked tremendously; this album is filled with hit after hit. There is a new sound but Sade has managed to keep the old classic feel. Most artists keep changing their styles to keep up with the latest trends and to attract new fans, but Sade has kept it simple and she maintained her old style while introducing new sounds at the same time.

Soldier of Love can be classified as soul, but most of her songs have a jazzy feel. So basically I would say it is a fusion of soul and jazz. The style of her music is very compelling that she could have a fan of 15 years of age as well as a 50 year old fan. This album is a piece of art. Listening to it is like listening to a series of short stories. It communicates with the listeners. The songs are very soothing and romantic. Songs such as, “The Moon and the Sky,” “Morning Bird,” Bring Me Home” and the title track are amongst my favourites.

I would recommend it to all the jazz and soul lovers and the romantic at heart. It would especially make a great Valentine’s Day gift. – Temo Primrose Gare

“Soldier of Love”

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  1. Kevin said:

    I also enjoy the production on this album. A hi-fi lover’s dream, the production is lush, yet focused. I’m definitely a fan of the CD and would recommend it as well.

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