Record Review: Nicki Minaj – “Pink Friday”

Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj’s debut studio album, after releasing three mixtapes earlier in her career, is the highest selling debut album for a female rapper, ever. To compare and contrast Pink Friday with her mixtapes, I would have to say that she’s become more commercial, in that she has changed the her content, image and music so it’s more attractive, fun, and crazy to a wider audience. From the beginning to the end I enjoy this newer Nicki Minaj sound. One of the most perfectly placed song on the album is “Dear Old Nicki”, in which Minaj raps about why she’s embraced the newer Nicki Minaj as opposed to the old version of herself and her music.  Personally I think that Pink Friday has no lowlights – Minaj is a great female rapper who works very hard. A lot of Hip-Hop critics insist that she’s not as brilliant as many of her fans believe.  But that’s because they can’t accept how different her music is from the rest of the pack, and how versatile she is as not only a rapper, but as an artist in general. – Fana Abay

“Right Thru Me ft. Drake”


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