Record Review: Regina Spektor – “Live in London”

On first glance, Regina Spektor seems pretty much like any other “folk” artist – a mild mannered singer referencing the environment and politics. But she’s so much more than that.

Her lyrics, which can be observant, blunt, funny, and nostalgic, don’t always match the musical sentiment as lines like “Sea is just the weather version of the skies” from “Folding Chair” or “Someone next door is fucking to one of my songs!” from new track “Bobbing for Apples” show. She looks at the world in unique ways,  pointing out things we didn’t notice even though we were all looking at the same thing.

Her latest release, Regina Spektor: Live in London, displays a nice selection of her catalogue, as well as three previously unreleased tracks: the aforementioned “Bobbing for Apples” as well as “Silly Eye Colour Generalizations,” and “Love, You are a Whore.” Her music is upbeat and she certainly isn’t using a voice machine to record her songs as her live performance displays. She sings wonderfully, but stays loyal to the sound found on the records. The only difference here is that it is recorded live from a stage and not in a studio. Overall I would consider “Live in London”  a nice capture of her music live. – Nicole Rubacha

“Folding Chairs”

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