Record Review: Ninja Funk Orchestra – “NinjaTek”

Imagine this: you’re in distress. Out of nowhere comes the Ninja Funk Orchestra. You can’t understand how this espionage knew your affliction, but their mission drew them to this moment. Their array of weapons seems few, but how they use them – vast, as if the message to be delivered has never been interpreted that way before. The prolific background of music ideals, morals and thoughts have spurred on these four young souls to become masters of their craft. Elements of Jazz, Rock, Funk, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Electronica and Experimental are all infused. One wonders how it works, but with Toronto’s NFO, fusion is just a meager term.

What makes their sound so definitive is not just from what they play, but how they deliver their way of life though the instrumentation. “Fist” brings a declaration of their presence while “(Theme from) Thunderbrawl” states their mission and that they are on the move to fulfill it. “Shadow” is about their stealth journey (like a true Ninja), “10,000 Snakes” is a mindset, speaking that they do not take their purpose lightly and “(Oh Baby, I’m So Beyond) Drifting through Space Without You” speaks truth – the more involved you become in your mastery and mission, the more lonely you become. Track by track they show their levels and how to best quantify them, not only delivering a song, but an experience.

Listening to the NinjaTek on CD is already an augmentation, but watching them perform live is like being carried to another dimension you never knew existed, coming back to Earth with this linger and enlightened sense of purpose to get back into that dimension. – Camillie Leung

Live on CHRY 105.5: 

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