Record Review: Jessie J – “Who You Are”

Who You Are, the debut album from England’s Jessie J, presents a strong new female voice with a positive sound to her music.  Catchy opener “Price Tag” espouses the mantra that everyone should live with passion while flip-side “Nobody’s Perfect” captures the regret and sadness one can feel on past actions.

The fluctuations that Jessie can do with her voice are amazing, and come across best on “Big White Room.” She does ballads with grace and flow; instantly I feel in love with “Casualty of Love,” which has radio play written all over it. “Do it like Dude” is assertive, ground holding and take no prisoners. It is followed by the bluesy, poppin’ and soulful “Mama Knows Best.” Scatting too! Damn, is there anything this lady can’t do? “Calling “L.O.V.E.” a ballad doesn’t do it justice. It’s playful, light and floaty and sounds the way love feels.

An album filled with positive messages, heart and truth.  Jessie J had a hand in the writing of her songs all which are great to have under her belt. Already I can’t wait to hear what her sophomore record has in store. – Nicole Rubacha

“Price Tag”

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