Hooded Fang vs. Silver Dapple – How are We to Choose?

Toronto has always had a fantastic DIY music scene, but these days it seems like the whole thing could blow up huge at any moment. Case in point: two shows happening tomorrow (Friday, Dec 2) night.

First up are local heroes Hooded Fang. The collective dropped two records in the span of 12 months (the sunny Album and the retro groove of Tosta Mista), each sounding nothing like the other. They hit the stage at the Horseshoe Tavern with Vancouver duo Makeout Videotape and L Con, who will apparently be “remixing ballads.” $10 at the door.

Then their are local shoegaze phenoms Silver Dapple rocking the Port, on Dundas. Their independent debut English Girlfriend dropped last week and this would no doubt be a great opportunity to pick up a copy on glorious vinyl. Not to be outdone, Odonis Odonis just released their debut, Hollandaze, on a trio of local labels to some rapturous reviews. They’ve got another blast of their lo-fi noise and surf rock due early next year on Fat Cat, so I’d suggest you check them out now before they blow up. Each Other opens. $7 at the door.

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