Best Coast @ Riot Fest, Toronto 08/25/2013

IMG_0029As Bethany Cosentino and her band Best Coast graduate to bigger venues (or at least the opportunity to play bigger shows once in a while) they’re going to have to think bigger. Best Coast are, in the realm of groups playing this fest, a small indie band. But their music can be big, huge even, when Cosentino let’s her voice really open up. But she seems more comfortable playing to a nightclub or small hall as opposed to the open field of onlookers at Riot Fest. Their mid-afternoon set was chock full of great songs from their small, but stacked catalogue. “The Only Place” and “Bofriend” got heads bobbing and a new tracks promises at least a semi-return to the buzzy pop of the band’s debut. But their set just wasn’t the jolt of caffeine this crowd needed to get their Sunday started. – Ian Gormely


Bob Bruno of Best Coast

IMG_0049Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast


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