Dinosaur Jr @ Riot Fest, Toronto 08/25/2013


Dinosaur Jr have never been one for witty stage banter; J Mascis and Lou Barlow prefer to let their instruments do the talking. “So, this is our set?” Barlow asked as Mascis’ guitar squealed into action. The trio were, as ever, thunderously loud, working through song from their entire career. Notable was a move into their 90s records – the ones Barlow didn’t play on – that the reformed trio’s avoided since reforming in the mid-2000s. Tracks like “Out There” and “The Wagon” joined “Watch the Corners” and “Freak Scene,” much to the delight of the aging audience. Even the side stage was packed with onlooking musicians like Grade’s Kyle Bishop and Fucked Up’s Pink Eyes. As always Dinosaur Jr. played a searing set, anchored by Barlow’s thundering bass and a drummer who looked suspiciously unlike Murph. Seriously, I kind of can’t get enough of seeing these guys play together. – Ian Gormely

UPDATE: Dino Jr’s fill-in drummer was apparently Kyle Spence from Harvey Milk. And while I’m adding to this post I should also mention the band played “Feel the Pain” and an old Deep Wound (J and Lou’s pre Dinosaur band) track.


Dino Jr’s Lou Barlow @ Riot Fest

IMG_0150Dino Jr’s J Mascis @ Riot Fest

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