New Wax Highlights: The Beverly’s

00_13_scene_bsp_lon_md_mdThe New Wax Show airs each Tuesday @ 3pm on CHRY 105.5 FM. Listen live at

Dissatisfaction and frustration are key elements of punk rock. Add a female voice and the result is The Beverly’s. An up and coming Toronto punk slash grunge trio, are moving the needle of intensity. Susan Burke, Audrey Hammer and Joanna Lund are the three ladies the vigor and d.i.y attitude that punk music is known for.  The band’s hard vocals and sound was a way to vent on the general malaise of life. After three years and more personal reflection added to their sound, the result is their recently released a self-titled EP this past February 11th. New Wax reporter Debra Shlegel recently interviewed the band as they talk about their release and what’s coming up for the trio.

Listen to entire interview here!

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