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Local hip-hop label URBNET has kept our heads nodding for well over a decade now, helping break the likes of D-Sisive, Classified and Eternia. ┬áHoping to trade in on some of the cred and good will they’ve engendered over the years, they’re launching a new compilation series, called URBNET Certified,┬áto expose new artists in the Canadian hip-hop scene. You can stream Vol. 1 in its entirety below.

The National Post, “inspired” by BET’s Eminem topping list of the top MCs of the 21st Century, recently compiled a list of Canada’s top MCs. This is what The Ampersand and “some friends” came up with:

10. Michee Mee
9. D-Sisive
8. Buck 65
7. Saukrates / Maestro
6. Classified
5. K’Naan
4. Drake
3. k-os
2. Kardinal Offishall
1. Shad

I have to agree with Exclaim‘s Josiah Hughes – this really just looks like a list of all the Canadian rappers they could think of.” I mean, come on…

Not to knock his formidable skills on the mic, but Maestro’s been out of the game for years. And it seems like Michie Mee was tacked on as the token female MC. And where’s Cadence Weapon? He’s the friggin’ poet laureate of Edmonton! And even Shad admits that he’s the rapper that its cool for the indie-kids to like.

Then there’s the dozens of MCs who haven’t even made it onto the radars of Canada’s pretty-ignorant-when-it-comes to hip-hop national arts media.

But what confuses me even more is why would the National Post engage in such a futile exercise? It’s not like the Post is known for its liberal-minded hip-hop head readers. This list seems designed more to explain to Bay Street bankers what their kids are talking about when they swoon over Drake, or they catch K-Os on the Hour (which they watch to feel hip and “with it”).

So who did the National Post miss? Who should and shouldn’t be on this list?

Rascalz ft. Checkmate, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall and Thrust – “Northern Touch”