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Daniel Worthy and Ah-kilo of Most High Productions, are an up and coming music production duo hailing from Toronto and are determined to become a household name within the hip hop world. New Wax Reporter Kapil Ghai had the opportunity to sit down with the duo to talk about their humble beginnings and recent successes, that includes producing “Star67” with hip hop heavyweight Drake on his latest mixtape entitled “If you’re reading this its too late.”

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, is a new 20 year old Toronto R&B artist who has got a lot of notice as a result of his support from Drake who signed him to his record label. It is quite astonishing that less than 2 months ago no one knew the fresh and unique new artist.  That is, until the release of his new mixtape which was available for free download online.

The tape, House of Balloons, is unlike most other music, and is considered to be under the genre of R&B with a hint of soul.  It has a relaxing, and almost hypnotizing vibe to it that has captured the attention of many people. House of Balloons is a remarkably confident and bold debut as a result of its unusual selection of instrumentals.  For starters, the track “What You Need”: with Burial-style vocal samples, techno scrape, and a sticky pop chorus, is far from your average R&B singer and it’s the diversity of this entire mixtape that stands out for me. All the songs on House of Balloons worked out for Tesfaye; he has a great voice.

I’m not a huge fan of mellow songs – I prefer my music up beat, and energetic. However, the unique sound of House of Balloons has persuaded me to be more receptive to this kind of music. I definitely think that he will make it far in the music industry and be another great Toronto artist. – Fana Abay
Download House of Balloons here.

“The Party After the Party”

Pink Friday, Nicki Minaj’s debut studio album, after releasing three mixtapes earlier in her career, is the highest selling debut album for a female rapper, ever. To compare and contrast Pink Friday with her mixtapes, I would have to say that she’s become more commercial, in that she has changed the her content, image and music so it’s more attractive, fun, and crazy to a wider audience. From the beginning to the end I enjoy this newer Nicki Minaj sound. One of the most perfectly placed song on the album is “Dear Old Nicki”, in which Minaj raps about why she’s embraced the newer Nicki Minaj as opposed to the old version of herself and her music.  Personally I think that Pink Friday has no lowlights – Minaj is a great female rapper who works very hard. A lot of Hip-Hop critics insist that she’s not as brilliant as many of her fans believe.  But that’s because they can’t accept how different her music is from the rest of the pack, and how versatile she is as not only a rapper, but as an artist in general. – Fana Abay

“Right Thru Me ft. Drake”


The National Post, “inspired” by BET’s Eminem topping list of the top MCs of the 21st Century, recently compiled a list of Canada’s top MCs. This is what The Ampersand and “some friends” came up with:

10. Michee Mee
9. D-Sisive
8. Buck 65
7. Saukrates / Maestro
6. Classified
5. K’Naan
4. Drake
3. k-os
2. Kardinal Offishall
1. Shad

I have to agree with Exclaim‘s Josiah Hughes – this really just looks like a list of all the Canadian rappers they could think of.” I mean, come on…

Not to knock his formidable skills on the mic, but Maestro’s been out of the game for years. And it seems like Michie Mee was tacked on as the token female MC. And where’s Cadence Weapon? He’s the friggin’ poet laureate of Edmonton! And even Shad admits that he’s the rapper that its cool for the indie-kids to like.

Then there’s the dozens of MCs who haven’t even made it onto the radars of Canada’s pretty-ignorant-when-it-comes to hip-hop national arts media.

But what confuses me even more is why would the National Post engage in such a futile exercise? It’s not like the Post is known for its liberal-minded hip-hop head readers. This list seems designed more to explain to Bay Street bankers what their kids are talking about when they swoon over Drake, or they catch K-Os on the Hour (which they watch to feel hip and “with it”).

So who did the National Post miss? Who should and shouldn’t be on this list?

Rascalz ft. Checkmate, Choclair, Kardinal Offishall and Thrust – “Northern Touch”