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Great music, regardless of the genre, is best when it is created by an artist with immense skill or an important or significant message. Great music is also remembered decades after it was first recorded and released.

More Or Les’ new album, Brunch with a Vengeance has no significant message whatsoever. And forget decades after – I couldn’t remember the majority of the tracks minutes after listening to them. Brunch with a Vengeance is More Or Les’ third album and the tracks are supposed to be a 19-song compilation of his complaints or “pet peeves,” including dirty bathrooms, contemporary fashion, bad clubs and bad hygiene.

More Or Les and I actually share a lot of the same gripes, but a 19 track album soley based around them seems unnecessary. As a Canadian and a hip-hop fan, I like to support and stand behind Canadian MCs. But More or Les’ rhymes were pretty weak on the majority of the songs. Good beats tend to stick in your head; you can regularly hear me in the hallways of my school humming “Ain’t Nuthin but a G Thang” or “Dre Day” because the beats are orchestrated so that they stick with you. None of the beats on Brunch with a Vengeance stuck with me.

More or Les lacks skill and he fails to convey an important message with Brunch with a Vengeance and that is why it is not great music. – Brandon Marcus