Record Review: Bilal – “Love For Sale”

As a Philly born entertainer, Bilal Sayeed Oliver’s music has been taking the R&B music industry by storm with his sultry, sophisticated and at times outrageous music and his extremely passionate performances. He is one artist that is defiantly underrated in the mainstream market and deserves recognition on the new songs that he puts out.

His first album, 1st Born Second, debuted in 2001, featuring Common, Mos Def, and Jadakiss. He took a break from the industry and came back strong with his second album, Love for Sale. Unfortunately this album did not receive the mass respect that it should have, being shelved by his label upon completion back in 2003. However it is well known among many neo-soul listeners thanks to a version that leaked online in 2006.

Bilal is a very interesting artist; more than just a “singer,” he is a true entertainer and an original. There is not one artist in the music industry that can be compared to him. His musical arrangements are unique and his lyrics are real. Whether you are in a good, sad or angry mood, Bilal has a something for you and the messages in his song will touch your soul. Though never officially released, Love for Sale was his best album and it is a pity that Interscope Records put it on the shelf thinking it would not have received any kind of commercial appeal.  Everything about the album was amazing if you are a true neo-soul music lover then you will defiantly be able to appreciate the genius that is Bilal. – Carla Simm

“You’re All I Need”

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